Tour 2018

February 14, Glasgow Potato Day
May 20, Dundee Botanics


The Barrowband has also performed at:


Previous Tours

Tour 2017

March 19, St Madoes.  Perth Downs Syndrom group
April 3, Commercial School, Dunfermline
April 20, Dundee Botanics. The Power of Food
June 17, Dunbar  Civic Weekend
June 29/30, Ely Primary School
July 1, Ely Festival
July 3, Cambridge Primary School
July 5,  Children's Media Conference, Sheffield
July 15, Eden Food Festival, Penrith
July 23, Audio Soup Festival
July 29, Mugstock Festival
August 13, Shettleston Allotments
September 3, Angus Downs Syndrome, Montrose
September 7, Dumfries House Ayshire (for Prince Charles)
September 17, Edinburgh Botanics (5th Year)
September 26/29, Perthshire Schools on the Carse
September 30, Perth Apple and Pear Festival
October 24, Peas Please Veg Summit, City Hall, London