Crowdfunding a new Barrow For The BarrowBand!

Our first Indiegogo crowd funding campaign is now live to raise funds for our new kinetic barrow to accompany us in our performances.

As the repertoire of the band grows, so must the barrow. Following the release of our second album we have another 14 amazing fruits and vegetables to incorporate into our show. The Barrow is also an essential interactive learning tool for our workshops we run in schools.

We need help to design a bigger, folding adaptable barrow which we can alter to suit each gig we play. This may include modules with bigger fruit and veg for younger children.

You can help us to develop our show to reach even more and especially to reach people in areas with low arts input and poor diet.

Make your donation here:
BarrowBand Indiegogo Campaign

Wonky Fruit and Veg

Every year 90,000 tonnes of produce gets sent to landfill from the UK due to being squashy,  nobbly,  scabby, dumpy, ugly, curly, dirty or lumpy. Help save them by making  the pledge to eat more wonky fruit and veg!

New Album!

Vegetables and Fruit Too

We thought you might like to know our new album is finally released! With another 14 blisteringly brilliant Fruit and Vegetable songs (including punk Garlic and power ballad Cauliflower) it is guaranteed to get you dancing…

Vegetables and Fruit Too