Some pictures of our great 2018 Festival gigs and to say that new album(s) are coming this Autumn!!! Vegetables and Fruit 3, Party Remixes of some of our greatest hits and an animal album!

Wildhood Children’s Festival

This was a lovely, safe new Festival for Children. Highly recommended


Colin about to box the ears of a small child with wooly knitted bananas at The Solas Festival

Below: The as ever great Kelburn Garden Party with guest Spanish BarrowMaestro  Kike on the Pyramid stage.

The 11.00am slot. The crowd just grew and grew.  One of our best gigs.


Doune the Rabbit Hole Soundcheck for the breakfast slot (10.00am on a Sunday). A few fans waiting in anticipation.

But as people woke up to the strains of the carrot song echoing across the site they went wild for us.

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